New technology opens possibilities but doesn’t make good marketing any easier

We’ve come along way in a fairly short amount of time. I think it was only yesterday when I had my first go on HTML on my brand new 200MHz Pentium. Naturally that wasn’t exactly yesterday. We’ve come along way since those days. What we can nowadays do with computers is fairly mindboggling. For starters this entire “Crime Alley” project would have been impossible to make happen with our budget just five to ten years ago. Even if we could have somehow managed to scrape it together, would anyone ever have seen the film or even heard about it – aside from our mothers?

The recent evolution in technology has not just benefited the filmmakers, but also the marketing side. It was only couple of years ago when YouTube was the place to go when you wanted to see blurry postage-stamp sized cat videos. Technology has evolved; broadbands are now faster and present in almost every household. Now you can stream those cat videos that you love so much in full HD without having to wait for it to load for ages. Social media on the other hand gives marketers a completely new tool to use. Today it’s easier than ever to communicate with others and to spread your message to the world. Never before has it been this effortless and affordable to reach this many people. From a marketing perspective this is both exciting and frightening. It’s no longer about how to reach the people – it’s about how to talk to them. And when you’re talking to this many people at once, it’s critical to get the message just right. Because when you’re talking online – the entire world is listening.


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