Keeping It All Together

If you’ve ever seen a behind the scenes video of a movie production before, you may have noticed the enormous amount of work that goes into even the simplest of films. The size of the crew and the amount of prep is heavily dependent on the scale and complexity of the script, and the number of zeros at the end of the budget. As a non-profit short film based on such a beloved and well known comic book character as Batman, we have put the bar really high for ourselves with Crime Alley while working on a shoestring budget.

One of the biggest challenges I found was keeping the team motivated, up to date, and organized throughout the whole process, while making sure that we never take our eyes off of the ultimate goal; making an awesome movie that pays homage to a classic superhero in a way we’ve envisioned it.

After several months however, I am proud to say that with about 10 people we have accomplished what others do with a 100, and the camera is ready to roll! Stay tuned for more updates from the producer’s desk as filming continues.


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