Important notice

The director of “Crime Alley”, Pekka Paalanen, has suffered a stroke and was taken into hospital in critical condition. The good news is, that he is now stable and making progress each day, but it will take some time before it is safe for him to continue his work with “Crime Alley”. Until then, Mathias and Zsuzsa will keep things rolling and they are the ones to contact about the project. Ilmari will continue managing the audio department and Peter will take care of the comic book team.

Work will continue as planned, but if there is something we would need Pekka’s say on, that thing will be put on the shelf until he is back and in good health. Because of these unforeseen and deeply saddening circumstances the premiere has to be postponed, but as already mentioned we’ll continue all other work as planned (including the perks fulfillment for our IGG campaign supporters). Pekka wouldn’t want the machinery to stop because of this, and therefore we won’t let it. We appreciate the understanding of our supporters and we will keep you informed of the new date for the premiere when Pekka has fully recovered.

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