The core production team members

Pekka Paalanen
Director • Screenwriter • Producer

Born in the Swedish tundra, raised in the Finnish outback, Pekka Paalanen spent a lot of time thinking about movies. One day, he realized, he’d have to start making them. About nine years ago, he started. No one knows when he’ll be finished, if ever.

Mathias Lönnström
Director of Photography • Producer

The Director’s right hand – the magic wand that interprets the stories and turns them into images we can all enjoy.

Studied under Robert Nordström, FSC, FSF, and taught by life.

Ville Aho
Executive Producer, Marketing & PR

With a Master’s in Management under his belt, he whips the marketing team forward. By following his motto “Dream Big, Never Give Up” he sets his goals, saddles up his horse and rides west into the setting sun towards new adventures. Having lived, studied and worked in the USA and UK, Ville sees himself as a citizen of the world. Anything to do with technology, organizational development or marketing are right up his alley.

Zsuzsa Jakab
Executive Producer

Born of the rolling Great Plains of Hungary, Zsuzsa is the organizational backbone of Crime Alley. She always had a fondness for movies, and when the chance came to help out in producing a Batman short film she didn’t hesitate for a second. Her favorite films include the original Star Wars trilogy, Indiana Jones, Aliens, Predator, Lord of The Rings, Interview with the Vampire and naturally Batman (especially the Chris Nolan version).

Kim Korhonen

Born and raised in Kempele, Finland, Kim has always been interested in many various forms of entertainment. He’s part of the cast, in addition to being one of the producers. After having trained professional wrestling in Wien, Austria, getting into the world of acting at a local theatre, developing his physicality in bodybuilding, and finishing his military service in the Finnish Defence Forces the prestigious Jaeger Brigade unit, Kim has now set his sights on a brand new goal: career as an actor. His favourite Batman films include The Dark Knight Trilogy, with the two Burton movies being a very close second. A devoted fan of Batman since the age of 7, when he read his first Batman comic, he’s extremely glad and excited to be part of a dream project like “Crime Alley”.

Hanna Sirviö
Assistant Producer

Hanna has lived her childhood and teenage years basicly attached to a computer. Hanna has worked as a freelancer graphic designer and a media assistant, focused on desktop publising. Eventually she developed a desire for more challenging and more varying job so now she’s studying media producing. In Crime Alley she utilises her computer addiction by working 600 kilometres away from Helsinki.