Mikko Vihma as Batman / Bruce Wayne

The sole heir to the Wayne legacy, Bruce Wayne lost his parents – tragic victims of random street violence – at an early age. Once, he prowled the rooftops of Gotham City as the masked vigilante know as the “Batman”.

But the years have not been kind; the death of the Joker and his victims weigh heavily on the man’s shoulders and a fateful encounter with Victor Zsasz has left deep scars, both mental and physical.

As our story truly begins, Bruce Wayne has hung up his cape and cowl, essentially retiring from the field as Batman. But when Zsasz issues his final threat, Bruce Wayne is called to action as Batman, for the very last time…

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Christopher Killik as Victor Zsasz

Once a withdrawn millionaire, Victor Zsasz lost it all. Convinced of the futility of existence, Zsasz became a serial killer, known for his penchant for knives. For each kill, he carves a tally mark on his skin… and he has many marks.

An incredibly intelligent man, Zsasz is unpredictable, having no qualms about who he kills, when and where. Once, his only goal was a high body count and “liberating” as many people as possible from their senseless lives.

Now, he is well aware of Batman’s weakened status. Now, his true purpose is to grind Batman down, make the caped crusader recognize that they are the same; broken, vile monsters past their prime. Now, he intends to end it all.

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Anna Easteden as Barbara Gordon

Detective Barbara Gordon is a go-getter, a hotshot detective with the Major Crimes Unit. One of the few straight cops in the GCPD and smart as a whip – some say she might even make Commissioner some day – she still has a big chip on her shoulder and her efficient, cool manner keeps a lot of people at arm’s length.

Even having worked her way up through the ranks without privileges, she still feels her father’s shadow – the legendary Commissioner James Gordon – looming over her. And the darkest shadow of all, the blame for her father’s demise that she projects upon a certain Caped Crusader….

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Richard Colvin as Marcus Driver

Detective Marcus Driver is a veteran of the Major Crimes Unit, one of the last detectives recruited by Commissioner James Gordon before his death. Level-headed and curious, he’s an investigator. While he prefers doing things by the book, he does have a strong sense of right and wrong, which – in certain cases – allows him to bend the rules a little.

While he once was very much against vigilantes – like Batman – his years of experience have taught him the fine line between what is just and what is needed; while he might not understand the vigilante, he certainly knows that Batman is necessary.

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Stewart Gray as Alfred Pennyworth

The “Batman’s batman” Alfred Pennyworth has been many things during his varied career; actor, soldier, medic, spy, butler… and father figure. A mentor, a scholar and an all-around gentleman, he is always ready with a quick quip and a scathing retort.

He has seen his “Master Bruce” through many a adventure and when Bruce decided to hang up his cloak and cowl, Alfred was relieved.

But deep down he knew that his friend – the son he never had – could never leave well enough alone. Alfred knows this adventure will be Bruce Wayne’s last. But he would never dare deny his friend, either…

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Juha-Pekka Mikkola as The Finn

An out-of-town thug with delusions of grandeur, he has never fought or faced any masked vigilantes, let alone Batman himself. He has convinced himself that signing up with Zsasz is his ticket to ride the gravy train all the way to the top of the criminal food chain.

To him, costumes and comic book antics are a thing of the past; it’s time for real, no-nonsense crooks to take back the streets!

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Erik Mashkilleyson as Jim Corrigan

A Crime Scene Unit officer with the GCPD, Jim Corrigan is on no one’s side but his own. And he likes it that way.

To him, the ends justify the means… as longs as those ends equals cold, hard cash on the barrelhead. He has been known to sell crime scene memorabilia; bullets, evidence, as well as items confiscated from Gotham’s more colorful villains. He will also “correct” forensic evidence for anyone with enough money.

His minor crimes have not gone unnoticed by Internal Affairs, but Corrigan is confident he’ll beat any rap… as long as cops like Barbara Gordon don’t get in his way.

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Alisa Ranta-aho as Catwoman / Selina Kyle

A professional thief with a shady background, the costumed criminal known as “Catwoman” has had her fair run-ins with Batman… to the point where an on-again, off-again romance began brewing between these two masked, nocturnal creatures.

Tough, headstrong and ever the flirt, she has quite enjoyed the cat- and-bat game… even to the point where she’s begun to assume some of Batman’s more benevolent qualities.

But little does this particular cat know, that crossing a man like Victor Zsasz might not be the safest of career moves…

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Onomatopoeia / Werner Gröhn

The serial killer known as “Onomatopoeia” is a mystery. His background as blank as the expressionless mask he wears, only one thing is certain; he kills costumed vigilantes and collects their masks as trophies.
And there is a spot open for Batman’s mask in his collection.
His previous encounters with Batman – in his opinion – have ended in stalemates. This time, it will end differently. This time, Onomatopoeia intends to be the only one left alive to walk away…