Before the Bat

You might be interested in how all this came about. Well, as I’ve stated before, the origin of “Crime Alley” can be traced way back to 2009. “Moonstone” ( was just underway and we – that’s myself and my cinematographer, co-producer and general partner-in-crime, Mathias Lönnström – were discussing alternatives for future projects. We were just about to graduate from the film school we both were studying at and wanted our last school project to be something special.

We were considering two scripts. The first one was a 45-page script – tentatively titled “Scar” – that told an almost Shakespearean tale of family ties and vengeance, set against the backdrop of a motorcycle gang. The other script was a much smaller story about an old man – an old soldier, almost – being called back into action, one last time. That man’s name was Bruce Wayne, though the world has once known him as “the Batman.”

While this smaller project was considered too long and too expensive by the powers that be – the biker script even more so – we never gave up hope and began developing the project ourselves, slowly gathering the resources we’d need and polishing the script.

Now, four years later, we’re set to shoot.

Always mind your surroundings.

Pekka Paalanen

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