Batman is no more.

Once Gotham City’s dark defender, after a lifetime career filled with danger and purpose, Bruce Wayne has since retired from the field as Batman. Six years ago, he faced a heartless tragedy that led him on a single-minded crusade that heralded the end of the Batman’s rogues’ gallery – the psychopathic criminals that plagued Gotham’s streets – and the death of the Joker.

Now, an old threat has re-emerged, a bleak reminder of darker days, calling for the Batman to return, for one, last battle…

About the film

“Crime Alley” is a independent, non-profit, fan film set in the comic universe of Batman. The story takes place in Gotham City, six years after the Caped Crusader’s retirement.

The project team consists of around 30 professionals with experience from different areas of filmmaking who have come together in order to create something that has never been done before in Finland – a Batman film. The cast includes talented individuals in both main and supporting roles. All whom are involved are committed to the project due to their enthusiasm towards films and their ability to be part of something new and inspiring, and to showcase our individual talents.

By and large the  film is made by the fans for the fans. Our goal is to create a never-before-seen interpretation of a character who has become a pop cultural icon. Our film is different look on how a hero’s tale might end, and remind us that no matter how it all ends, it’s what we leave behind that matters.

The final film will be made available right here on “Crime Alley” homepage later this year.


“Crime Alley” is an independently produced Batman fan film and is not affiliated with Warner Brothers Pictures, DC Comics or any of its subsidiaries. “Batman” and all related elements are trademarks of Warner Brothers and © DC Comics. The film has been produced solely for entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement is intended